PrimerPrep has been developed by SIL International (SIL), a faith-based nonprofit organization founded in 1934. SIL serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development by means of research, translation, training and materials development.

PrimerPrep was developed to assist literacy workers with the tedious work of analyzing languages that is required when preparing a primer. PrimerPrep allows the user to quickly and effortlessly analyze texts in a language, identifying the unique words and letters used. With this information, it is able to propose a teaching order, the order in which you might want to introduce the letters when teaching someone to read this language. PrimerPrep allows the user to easily modify this order, and provides lists of words (from the input texts) that are available after each letter is introduced. It also allows the user to enter the text of each lesson, which can be checked for untaught residue, letters which the student has not yet learned.