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Designed to be a companion for Paratext, PTXprint allows you to create high quality PDFs for trial publications of scripture. It has many easily configurable options allowing a whole range of outputs. This tool enables any translation project to freely produce scripture printouts from their Paratext USFM files for testing and feedback within their local context.

Endless Possibilities

Ideal for short runs of scripture for final feedback and approval before final typesetting and formal publishing. Great for trying out different layouts for various target audiences.

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Easily Scalable

PTXprint is easy to use whether you just need to produce a single book of scripture, or a collection of scripture portions for trial publication. With dozens of options, the possibilities are endless.

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Priceless Feedback

Receiving timely feedback as people first encounter God’s transforming Word is priceless. We’re here to help you get scripture into the hands of people sooner.

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Common questions

Who can use this tool?
PTXprint was developed with mother-tongue translators in mind, and starts off in Basic View. As you switch to the Full View, you’ll discover that there are many more powerful options available.

What training do I need to use this tool?
Practically no training is needed to get started. You can produce high quality PDFs within minutes. Extensive tooltips provide information on every option. Receive support from other users at:

How is PTXprint different than InDesign with Publishing Assistant?
Each tool has been developed with a different kind of user in mind. For more details on the differences, please read more

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Training Resources

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