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These Release Notes describe the changes made in each new release.

Windows Version Windows Downloads

PTXprint 2.5.3for Windows EXE | 63.44 MB | 18 Jul 2024

Recommended Accompanying Software:

  • Paratext is highly recommended, but is not essential
  • A decent PDF reader (like SumatraPDF) which allows PDFs to be updated while open.

Linux Version Linux Downloads

Ubuntu/Wasta is highly recommended. Follow step by step installation instructions for Linux or just download and install the DEB package from here. Packages for other Ubuntu LTS versions, and the most up-to-date daily build packages are available from Launchpad.

PTXPrint Linux 20.04 2.5.1for Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS DEB | 7.52 MB | 3 Jul 2024
PTXPrint Linux 22.04 2.5.1for Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS DEB | 7.72 MB | 3 Jul 2024

Previous Versions

Older versions of PTXprint can be downloaded from this archive or below.


The code (Python and TeX) is publicly available via a GitHub repository