Kay Pho Du

Kay Pho Du is a font family for the Kayah Li script of Southeast Asia


Kay Pho Du is a free and open font family for writing systems that use the Kayah Li script of Southeast Asia. It contains four weights: Regular, Medium, SemiBold, and Bold.


The letters of the Kayah Li script bear some similarities to those from other regional scripts, but are unique in form and function. Vowels are written using individual letters or diacritics above letters. Tones are written below.


This font can be used to write a continuum of Karenni (Red Karen) languages and dialects spread out among multiple countries. These include the major Western Kayah and Eastern Kayah varieties.


Kay Pho Du supports the full range of Kayah Li symbols in The Unicode Standard, including script-specific numerals and punctuation.

Common questions

How is the font different from Karenni?

Kay Pho Du is a freshly-drawn, new design based on the overall design of Karenni. Although the design is meant to be very similar to Karenni it is not identical and does not include any of the original outlines. Because of that, many of the glyphs are slightly different and the metrics are not the same. Many glyphs have also been added.

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