How to Launch and Explore SILKin

The easiest way to get started using SILKin is to launch it and read the Help files that are displayed when you first launch. These help files can be viewed at any time from the Help Menu. Once you have looked over them, try creating a few people and marriages to get a feel for the application.

You may want to load an example of a small data file. “” is whimsical data about the first family. It demonstrates marriage to close relatives. “MultiChart” demonstrates using multiple family tree charts.

The Library folder contains data files and folders that SILKin uses. The most important folder in the Library is the Context Under Construction folder. This is where your data will be stored. All the files in this Library folder are viewed and edited via the SILKin software. Do not hand-edit, alter, change, move, or rename anything in the Library folder.

The Context Under Construction folder is intended to hold any SILK files that you create while using the program. (You can Save or Save As anywhere you like, but this is the default folder for SILK files.)

Tutorial Videos Are Available

If you are not sure whether SILKin is the right tool for you, or if you would like to see demonstrations of its main features, you should look at the videos here.