One of the benefits of being stuck at home recovering from Dengue Fever is I feel like it’s ok to splurge a bit on stuff that I want to do, rather than have to do.

For example, while we have always put a lot of effort into keeping WeSay clean and easy, its companion WeSay Configuration Tool has always been about being just-functional-enough-to-get-by.

So I spent two days remodeling it, trying to get it clean and easier to navigate. Here’s the before:
Configuration page (before)

and after:
Configuration page (after)

Yes, lacking any artistic ability myself, I’ve ripped off a bunch of open-source Tango icons, tweaked them with the indispensable InkScape, and otherwise copied the latest Skype’s options dialog. There are still quite a number of rough edges in there, but this was a good step.