What operating systems does ChorusHub run on?

ChorusHub is available for all modern Windows systems, and on Linux through the fieldworks package.

Do I need to install ChorusHub on all my computers?

ChorusHub should be installed on only one computer for your LAN (Local Area Network). It is best if this computer is always running.

How can I tell if ChorusHub is running?

Since ChorusHub is designed to run as a service, it does not have any user-facing windows. On Windows you can tell if it is running by looking in Windows Services or in the Task Manager.

Can ChorusHub on Linux allow Send/Receive with programs running on my Windows computer (or vice versa)?

Yes, it doesn’t matter which operating system ChorusHub is installed on. The service can serve clients on either operating system.

That is, if you have a network with both Linux and Windows computers, and programs that use ChorusHub (such as FieldWorks) are running on both kinds, you only need to run ChorusHub on one computer.  It doesn’t matter whether that computer is running Windows or Linux.  All of your computers will be able to Send/Receive with each other using that one ChorusHub.

What programs use ChorusHub?

Several SIL software programs can use ChorusHub as a means of doing Send/Receive. At the moment that includes FieldWorks, WeSay, and OneStoryEditor. In the future, there may be others.

Where can I learn more about best practices for doing Send/Receive?/

There is a FieldWorks Technical Document on Send/Receive.