Keyboard App Builder (KAB) allows you to create a complete Android app from Keyman keyboards. The finished product can then be distributed in multiple ways to users around the world so that they can type in their language.

Easy to build

With KAB the hard work of programming an Android app has been done for you. Just launch the program and follow the steps in the New App Wizard, adding keyboard layouts and associated files. You can create a useful Android app within a few minutes without any programming.

Localized and customizable

The app that you create can be fully customized to work for you context:

  • You can design your own app icon and optional splash screen. The files are standard PNG images that can be created in popular photo editing software.
  • Along with a number of color schemes, you can adjust the colors of individual items to better meet the culture of the audience.
  • All of the app interface text can be translated and localized.

The user interface in Keyboard App Builder itself can be displayed in English or French.