Training Videos

There are three training videos that show the power of XLingPaper as well as some introductions to its basic use. See the Training Videos page.


There is extensive documentation on how to use XLingPaper on the Documentation page.

Downloadable Resources

The following list details out several kinds of files you can download. Click on the one you want to see and get.

  1. Sample XLingPaper Documents
  2. Small Caps fonts
  3. Demo movies
  4. Utility for Open Office Writer
  5. Utility for Microsoft Word
  6. Vowel chart graphic package (for JIPA)
  7. SVG to PDF conversion utility
  8. XeLaTeX Upgrade Package
  9. Spanish User Interface and Dictionary Package
  10. French User Interface and Dictionary Package
  11. German Dictionary Package
  12. Symbola Font
  13. XMLmind XSL Utility
  14. XeLaTeX Package from TeX Live 2020

Praise for XLingPaper

See the Testimonies page for some users’ feedback after using XLingPaper.