We welcome other developers who wish to get involved in supporting and enhancing this software.


Asheninka can be localized to other languages. If you would like to help translate the user interface of Asheninka, please go to https://crowdin.com/project/asheninka and volunteer to translate it to a language you know well.

Source Code

Asheninka is written in JavaFX 8.

Asheninka is licensed according to the terms of the MIT License. The source code is available in the Github project sillsdev/asheninka. Further information on how to set up your development environment is included in the Github project documentation.


The best way to contribute your enhancements is to fork the Github project, then submit pull requests to the development team. It would be helpful, however, for you to first contact the team to find out whether your intended enhancement or fix is already being worked on by someone else. That would also give you an idea of whether that enhancement would be welcomed by the team.


Which changes make it into each release can vary. Here is our general roadmap for the future:

Next main release (0.4.0 – March/April 2017)

  • Add hyphenation parameters
  • Improve menu arrangement
  • Add a tool to clear “Correct Syllable Breaks”
  • Add step-by-step instructions (for CV Approach) in Help menu item

Later releases

We’re considering the following enhancements and features. Let us know if you would be interested in helping us with them:

  • Add LDML support
  • Implement the other syllabification approaches

You can also view current issues in our Issue Tracker.


If you would like to contact the development team, please use the Contact Form.