Basic steps to use:

  1. Create a new project (File / New)
  2. Click on CV Segment Inventory and add, modify, and/or delete segments. Put the various ways the segment/character can appear in the graphemes field.
  3. Click on CV Natural Classes and add, modify, and/or delete the natural classes. You will use these classes to define patterns for syllables. Click on the elipsis button to change the content of a class.
  4. Click on CV Syllable Patterns and add, modify, and/or delete patterns. The syllabification algorithm will try to find sequences of these syllable patterns in each word. The order of the patterns is significant. The parser will try to match the first listed pattern. When that fails, it tries the next pattern. It does this left-to-right through the word.
  5. Use File / Import Words to get a set of words to try and syllabify.
  6. Use Tools / Syllabify Words to run the algorithm on the set of words.
  7. Review the results by clicking on CV Words. You can also click on a column header to sort by that column. Use Shift-Click on a column to make it be sorted at a secondary level. You may repeat the steps above to try and get words to syllabify correctly or try some of the options listed below.
  8. If you have set the values for correct syllabification of words, you can click on Predicted vs Correct CV Words to see which words came out differently than expected.
  9. Use File / Project Management / Backup this project to save the current state (or make a backup) whenever you want.
  10. Use Tools / Compare implementations to compare the current state (or an earlier backup) with some other backup. This generates a report showing what is different between the two implementations (states).
  11. Use Tools / Convert predicted to correct syllabification to set the correct syllabification (or merely type in the correct syllabification, using a period to indicate a syllable break).
  12. Use File / Export Hyphenated Words to export a set of words with discretionary hyphens inserted.