The Scripture Forge development team is happy to announce the release of Scripture Forge version 1.1.

This version includes the following new features:

  • Text and Question List views now have sortable columns. Sort by Title, Date Added, or Response Count
  • Configure your project to show or hide user’s responses from other users. This was a highly requested feature.
  • Redesigned homepage
  • Updated UI components
  • Numerous internal improvements and bugfixes

In addition, we new have two options for support:

1) We are promoting SIL’s new Scripture Software Community site. Here you can interact with other Scripture Forge users. We will also post How-To and respond to feature requests directly on this site. Please visit

2) We are now using a JIRA issue tracker for bug reports. Please email issues at scriptureforge dot org to report a bug.

Thank you,

The Scripture Forge software development team