This web page provides information about the legacy CARLA programs and tools in the AMPLE/STAMP/SenTrans paradigm of Computer Assisted Related Language Adaptation.


This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported.


Introduction to CARLA

Download a PowerPoint Introduction to CARLA.

Appropriate CARLA Tools

Download the Appropriate CARLA Tools PowerPoint presentation given by John Hatton at CTC 2000 (Nov. 14, 2000).


CARLAStudio Installer (REGULAR) for Windows ZIP | 3.4 MB | 8 Jan 2016
CARLAStudio Installer (UNICODE) for Windows ZIP | 3.53 MB | 8 Jan 2016


The code is publicly available via a GitHub repository.

CARLA-Related Tools


We no longer offer support for this product, but you can visit the SIL Language Software Community to contact other users who may be able to help.


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