This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported.


EasyBackup is a simple and easy to use user interface that allows you to create one or more backup definitions. These backup definitions will then be used to automatically backup the data, which is defined by the backup definitions, to a USB stick whenever the user plugs a USB stick into the computer. It is now possible to specify if a backup is done to any USB stick that gets inserted into the computer, or if it will work only on designated USB sticks.


EasyBackup is written in Python and the source is available with the download.

There are two downloads available, one that contains third party software that are needed and one without third party software in case they are already installed.

All of these files can be found here.


We no longer offer support for this product, but you can visit the SIL Language Software Community to contact other users who may be able to help.


If you are unable to obtain support through individual software support pages or the SIL Language Software Community, or have a general question about SIL language software, please contact us.