With the release of HearThis 3.4.0, it is now possible to specify that certain passages are to be broken out by verse rather than by sentence-ending punctuation. HearThis has for years allowed for moderately long sentences to be recorded in two parts using the Record Long Line in Parts dialog box. However, there are still situations where a “sentence” can be too long to record easily, even when breaking it up and recording it as two separate clips. For example, in some projects, long genealogies are treated as a single sentence with only commas or semi-colons separating the people in the genealogical record. Also, some projects preserve the original sentence structure in some of Paul’s long sentences (e.g., Eph 1:3-10). Happily, there is now a better solution to deal with these places. To use this new feature, on the More menu, click Settings, and then select the Record by verse tab. There you can select starting and ending verse and add ranges of verses that will be broken out by verse rather than by sentence. Note that this same feature also makes it possible to combine the text of a verse that consists of two or more short sentences into a single block for recording if that is necessary to achieve a more natural sounding recording.