Version 3.6

07 August 2012

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Entry names with special characters were not being sorted correctly under reverse index headings.
    • A unwanted newline character was being inserted before the part of speech of some entries.
    • Synonyms and antonyms were not being output in web export if there were no other lexical functions.
    • LIFT export for literal-meaning field had an incorrect closing tag.
    • Allow accents and Unicode characters in semantic domain/category fields (\sd).
    • Access violation on Morphology section of search results.
    • Remove formatting codes in Morphology section of search results.
    • Show camera icon next to entry if picture is found in sub-entry.
    • Export wizard images page had a truncated caption for some interface languages.

Version 3.5

02 January 2012

  • User interface languages:
    • Indonesian added.
  • Splash screen and About box:
    • Use SIL International logos with tag lines in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Web page export:
    • Use the filename index.htm in sub-folders rather than main.htm.
  • Information pages:
    • SIL information added in Spanish.
  • Latest ISO 639-3 language codes.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Search for whole words crashed if parenthesis characters were set to be ignored for a language.
    • In records with multiple gloss fields on separate lines, Lexique Pro was only reading the first gloss.
    • Syn: label was not being translated on single entry screens.
    • The subscript homonym numbers in \cf fields looked good in the onscreen version, but when exported to .docx the number was separated from the word without being formatted as a subscript.
    • Problem with the record count displayed on the status bar.
    • A period was added at the end of a definition field when the field ended in an ellipsis (&ellip;)
    • Space needed before paradigm fields in multiple entry output.

Version 3.4.2

16 May 2011

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Export to web pages was not omitting omitted entries.
    • Senses within Indexes were not getting sorted when \lc was used.
    • Some problems with picture output in document export.
    • Updated Bulgarian translation and added some Spanish interface translation.

Version 3.4

8 December 2010

  • Links: Allow <a> HTML links in SFM fields, e.g.
    • \ee For more details see: <a href="">Bambara Lexicon</a>
  • Audio:
    • Changed audio player to improve reliability of playing MP3 files.
    • Play/Pause/Stop buttons displayed when playing an audio clip.
  • Updated ISO 639-3 language code list to use latest tables.
  • Document export:
    • Updated to export valid ODF 1.2 documents (i.e. versions 3.0 and above)
    • Removed support for export to OpenOffice 1.0 documents (.sxw).
  • Khmer language interface (beta).
  • Fonts:
    • Install “Charis SIL” and “Khmer OS System” in distribution.
  • Distribution:
    • Updated to use version 5.4 of Inno Setup.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Allow up to 14 languages in Language Markers page of configuration (rather than 7).
    • Add missing French translation strings.
    • Formatting problems with |fv etc. directly after parenthesis.
    • Under certain conditions LP hung while loading a dictionary (threading issues).
    • Categories in LIFT files did not always get shown properly.
    • Unwanted characters displaying at top of Print Preview.
    • Database remained in read-only state if the program terminated abnormally and many users did not know how to change the read-only attribute of the database file.
    • Configuration – Home page images preview did not get updated when changing images and turning them on/off.
    • Incorrect link to email address in help file.
    • Incorrect tab orders in Writing System configuration dialog pages.
    • Should not allow the same language to be added twice in Writing Systems configuration.
    • Translation problems in Spanish message boxes.

Version 3.3.1

6 March 2010

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Sort order and case memo fields not populated properly in Language Properties dialog.
    • Links to HTML files in the About pages did not work if filenames had %20 codes instead of spaces.

Version 3.3

4 March 2010

  • Compiled using new version of compiler (Delphi 2010) – lots of internal changes to code and components.
  • Omit Rules:
    • Added marker ‘does not exist’ and ‘not empty’ rules.
  • Interface Languages:
    • Full French interface
  • Distribution:
    • New version of Inno Setup (5.3)
    • More languages for installation wizard
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Examples and some other fields were repeated in document/web output where there were sub-entries.
    • Confusion arose when using ICU sorting and FLEx 3.0 (due to change of version of ICU being used by FW)
    • RTF export could result in a truncated output file if there were alternative forms sharing the same language code as a gloss language.
    • <form> element needs lang code in LIFT output.
    • Setting default font in Language properties.

Version 3.2.3

5 June 2009

  • Added support for TIFF images.
  • ICU Rules page:
    • Test button added.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • More problems with RTF non-breaking spaces.
    • In some cases, ICU sort rule characters were not saved as UTF8.
    • Error message needed if parsing of ICU rules fails.
    • Problems with picture placement in Word 2007 (.docx) export.

Version 3.2.2

29 May 2009

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Do not allow editing of writing system code for LIFT databases.
    • Do not display tabs for index languages where there are no items.
    • In LIFT import, do not create a new gloss language if it is the vernacular language gloss.
    • In .docx export, the line between columns setting was ignored.
    • Non-breaking spaces sometimes come out as ?? in RTF document export.
    • Error in standalone icon shortcut if user changed default install folder.

Version 3.2.1

22 May 2009

  • Updated version of Inno Setup (5.2.3) used by distribution wizard.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Need to delete old program files if user installs to old pre-3.0 directory.
    • Create icon shortcut to standalone Lexique Pro as well as to Lexique Pro + database.
    • Problem with writing About Language files path when trying to redistribute a distributed lexcion.
    • Links to local HTML files from About Language pages were opened in web browser rather than in Lexique Pro.
    • File Version of distribution setup .exe was Should be set to current Lexique Pro version number.

Version 3.2

21 May 2009

  • Support for more fields added (from both MDF/SFM and LIFT files):
    • Restrictions
    • Literal meaning
    • Usage
    • Bibliography
  • Audio file handling:
    • Handle audio files which appear in writing system forms in LIFT (at entry level or in example fields), as used by WeSay.
    • Search for audio files in “sound”, “audio” or “media” sub-folders, if not found as a relative or absolute path.
  • Formatting:
    • Added “All caps” and “Small caps” as font formatting effects (see Formatting dialog box).
  • ICU components:
    • Updated to version 4.2. (These will be used if no ICU DLLs are found in the ‘Program Files\Common Files\SIL’ folder.)
  • Export to Web:
    • Added “Max Image Height” for pictures.
    • Fixed: Images not being filtered correctly.
    • Fixed: Images not being positioned correctly according to before/after sense/entry settings.
    • Fixed: Hyperlinks for some fields missing.
    • Fixed: Final wizard page on Export to web page was not using Unicode controls. This sometimes caused access violations on progress caption update.
    • Fixed: Do not create web index pages for languages without index records.
    • Fixed: Add several font names to font-family on web export, in case the first font is not present.
    • Fixed: Add Lexique Pro version number to header meta information.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • User style types not being read correctly from configuration file.
    • Certain combinations of \ps before \sn did not parse correctly.
    • Unwanted extra space before sense numbers in export to document/web.
    • Remove formatting codes from Part of Speech in list view on left of screen.
    • Do not add an extra full stop if there is already a Chinese one (U+3002).
    • Don’t interpret a final digit in a field as a subscript if the field is not a link.
    • Do not add a full stop if there is no content in a lexical function field.

Version 3.1

15 May 2009

The following new features and fixes are in version 3.1 of Lexique Pro:

  • New icon
  • LIFT file import:
    • Improved support for importing:
      • Alternative lexical writing systems,
      • Categories (from lift-ranges),
      • Sub-entries, minor entries,
      • Custom fields,
      • Pictures
    • Improved interaction with SIL Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx):
      • On the first load of a LIFT file, Lexique Pro looks in the Fieldworks language definitions folder for font information if it exists.
    • If there are multiple lexicon languages in a LIFT file, Lexique Pro asks which is the main one when loading for the first time.
      • .PLIFT files are recognised as .LIFT files.
  • Language Configuration:
    • Significant redesign of the language-related pages of the configuration wizard, including a new Configure Language dialog.
    • More default gloss languages to choose from, including several Indian languages.
    • Simplified adding/configuration of alternative lexical writing systems.
    • “Find Code” dialog added to allow search/selection of code from list of ISO-639 codes.
    • Access to individual language configuration via Tools > Configure Language > [language name].
  • Style Configuration:
    • Redesign of the formatting style-related pages of the configuration wizard. The tabs have been replaced by a tree view arranged by language where styles are displayed in their respective fonts and colours.
  • Help:
    • Help has been added for configuration pages.
  • Markers:
    • You can now associate two or more SFM marker codes with a marker type. See Change Marker dialog from the Field Markers page of the configuration.
  • Sorting:
    • ICU collation can be used in sorting, rather than having to specify all the lines of the sort order as in Shoebox/Toolbox. See the Sorting page of the language configuration.
    • Custom ICU Collation rules can also be specified.
    • ICU 4.0 DLLs are included in the Lexique Pro installation.
  • Part of Speech index:
    • A index of entries, ordered by part of speech can be displayed. See Languages > Indexes and Sorting in the configuration.
  • Search:
    • The search words found are highlighted in the displayed entries.
  • Keyboard switching:
    • Keyboard switching code completely rewritten.
    • Improved interaction with Windows and Keyman keyboards.
  • Open Office document export:
    • Macro added to write left and right headers.
  • Graphite-enabled:
    • Now includes the MultiScribe library for rendering Graphite fonts.
  • Localisation:
    • Bulgarian language added.
    • Now using the GNU gettext functions for localisation throughout the program.
    • All of Lexique Pro can now be translated into other languages, using .po files.
    • Translators will be able to see their translations in the user interface before submitting them for inclusion in the product.
    • Please contact Lexique Pro development if you would like to help in translation, and see here.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • A cross-reference appearing after a main entry cross-reference was also being marked as a main entry cross-reference.
    • An extra full-stop should not be added to encyclopaedic info where a full-stop has already appeared before closing speech marks or parenthesis.
    • Category tree file in web export should be marked as UTF-8.
    • If Lexique Pro window was maximised, an Access violation occurred when the user tried to open a file while Lexique Pro was still initialising.
    • Language code edit box was restricted to only 3 characters.
    • Web output is now well-formed XHTML.
    • Allow formatting codes in lexical name and citation form fields.
    • If definition fields were used rather than gloss fields for an entry, the ordering of other fields such as lexical functions and parts of speech was often incorrect.
    • Categories were not being included in document export, even if the Categories option had been selected in the Fields page of the export wizard.
    • Handles << >> in reversal fields.
    • Distribution wizard failed to create executables of over 2 GB. Need to edit .iss file to include DiskSpanning=Yes.
    • Space missing sometimes before part of speech in export to document.

LIFT Import limitations

In LIFT import, the following features are not supported yet:

  • Sub-senses
  • Sub-reversal indexes
  • Picture captions

Version 2.8.6

17 June 2008

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Cut and copy buttons not enabled when selecting text at the start of editing.
    • User-defined paradigm markers were being lost.
    • Default notes labels to MDF standard (Note:, Socio:, Phon: etc.).
    • Include language codes in .docx Word export, to facilitate spell-checking.
    • Need to insert space before Variant field output.
    • Links to prefixes and suffixes sometimes failed in morphology fields.

Version 2.8.5

10 June 2008

  • Bug fixes:
    • Category view did not hide omitted items.
    • Ampersand not encoded in filenames in LIFT export.

Version 2.8.4

27 May 2008

  • Improved LIFT support.
  • Group markers together by type in Markers configuration.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Character codes &# were visible in Open Office document export.
    • See main entry: rather than See: should be displayed for main entry cross references.
    • Access violation sometimes appears after changing \lx and then deleting the entry.

Version 2.8.3

19 March 2008

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Under some circumstances the usage field could not be exported.
    • Senses containing only a definition field (\de, etc.) were ignored.
    • Problem exporting pictures which were seen as having zero width.
    • Categories did not show up when creating a new database.
    • Viewing categories as DDP was broken.
    • Allow removal of alternative representations of the lexicon language.

Version 2.8.2

25 January 2008

  • Fixed categories initialisation problem in first-time configuration wizard.

Version 2.8.1

21 January 2008

  • Export to Web Page:
    • Include pictures in web page export.
  • Editing:
    • Template of markers for new record can be edited. See Configuration > Display > Edit Settings.

Version 2.8

10 January 2008

  • Export:
    • Pictures can be positioned before or after entries, or before or after the senses in which they appear.
    • Word 2007 document format export added, i.e. Office Open XML (.docx). Please note that the previous Export to Word document via HTML has been removed. If you are using Microsoft Word 2000, XP or 2003 you can download a compatibility pack from here in order to read the Office Open XML .docx files.
    • Lexicon Interchange FormaT (LIFT XML) export improved – partial implementation of LIFT 0.11.
    • Results page is displayed after exporting documents, rather than launching Word immediately.
  • Configuration:
    • Markers can be turned on or off in Configuration > Data Source > Markers page.
  • Added recognition of notes markers for display and export:
    • Notes (anthropology) – \na
    • Notes (discourse) – \nd
    • Notes (grammar) – \ng
    • Notes (phonology) – \np
    • Notes (questions) – \nq
    • Notes (sociolinguistics) – \ns
    • Notes (general) – \nt
  • Changed file extensions:
    • Configuration file: .lpConfig
    • LIFT export: .lift
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bad date formats in database caused critical failure in loading lexicon.
    • Include *.lex as possible database file extension.

Version 2.7

28 September 2007

  • Various fixes for better Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Export as LIFT (Lexicon Interchange FormaT) XML format (beta – partial implementation)

Version 2.6.13

17 April 2007

  • Fixed:
    • Sorting of lexical entries was broken when using alternative lexical forms.

Version 2.6.12

14 April 2007

  • Fixed:
    • Access Violation often occurred when closing the program.
    • Access Violation sometimes occurred when switching between gloss language tabs in initial configuration.
    • “Can’t focus window” error message sometimes appeared in Configuration.
    • If two or more \de markers are found one after the other, concatenate the contents rather than taking only the last one.
    • If a word appears in parenthesis in a hyperlink (e.g. a cross-reference), it can be ignored when searching for the linked word.

Version 2.6.11

26 February 2007

  • Formatting:
    • Allow turning off of hyperlink formatting in morphology fields. (See Formatting > Field Display)
  • Fixed:
    • Categories – access violation when expanding category tree view.
    • Export to Document – Index document was not always exported in the language chosen.
    • Export to Web – Unicode characters in synonyms were exported as ?.

Version 2.6.10

3 February 2007

  • Formatting:
    • Allow |u{} for underlining
    • Allow formatting in morphology fields (\mr)
  • Fixed:
    • Language selection box in Translation label window did not work properly.

Version 2.6.9

27 January 2007

  • Configuration:
    • Field Styles: Example, Morphology, Lexical Function, Paradigm etc. styles are now listed individually (rather than being grouped as ‘Normal Text’). In this way their formats can be modified separately, colours changed, etc.
    • User Interface Styles ‘Index List’ and ‘Search Box’ moved to separate tab so not to confuse them with the database field formatting styles.
  • Export to Document:
    • Added ‘Keep lines together’ option – to avoid entry paragraphs splitting across pages.
    • Added A5 and B5 paper sizes.
    • Fixed: Lexical entry name font size and bold setting was not exported as set up in the configuration.
    • Fixed: Coloured User styles were still being exported as coloured even when selecting ‘Monochrome’.

Version 2.6.8

8 December 2006

  • Bug fix:
    • Superscript tone marks (1, 2, 3, etc.) were cut from the end of some of the displayed lexical function fields.

Version 2.6.7

24 November 2006

  • Various bug fixes:
    • User interface froze sometimes when scrolling up and down an index list at speed.
    • In web export, the stylesheet and index.htm files were written as Unicode rather than UTF-8.

Version 2.6.6

23 October 2006

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Some Alphabet buttons and home page links were greyed out even when there were words beginning with these letters.
    • If no <title> is given in the About or Info HTML pages, a default title should be displayed rather than blank.
    • Allow Cancel button to be pressed to abort out of Export to Web wizard.
    • If using Unicode, the web export wizard should export HTML files in UTF-8 format without needing to encode higher Unicode characters with code numbers.
    • Index view was not sorted properly when the gloss language was Portuguese.
  • User interface components updated to latest versions.

Version 2.6.5

26 August 2006

  • Various bug fixes:
    • Slight modifications to Chinese and Kinyarwanda interfaces.
    • Words with ä, ë, ï, ö and ü should be found when searching, even if you omit the accents in the search phrase.

Version 2.6.4

26 June 2006 (Limited distribution)

  • More user interface languages added:
    • Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Kinyarwanda (for Rwanda in East Africa)
    • Significant changes to user interface components to allow for Unicode interface (e.g., Chinese).
    • Changed design of input dialogs for specifying translations of language names and labels in the various UI languages.
  • Alternative Representations of lexical language:
    • If your database contains alternative representations of the lexical (vernacular) language – e.g. in a different script, phonetic transcription – these can be displayed and a sort index tab generated.
    • See Advanced tab of the Lexicon Language page.
  • DDP version 4 domains added for category display.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Error message appeared when deleting last field of a record.
    • Keyboard switching did not work properly.
    • Some JPG images did not get displayed – their size was not read properly.
    • Omit rules were not always applied correctly.
    • Menus and buttons should be disabled when loading a dictionary.
    • User-defined styles should be enabled in sense number fields.
    • Formatting code problem: e.g. in “A club: thing for hitting” the “ub:” would be interpreted as underline-bold.
    • Distribution of About Language and Info pages missed some pages where the <a> tag was split over several lines.

Version 2.6.3

19 April 2006

  • Fixed: ‘Floating Point Conversion’ error on reloading database on non-English computers.
  • Fixed: Borrowed word field was not being exported.
  • Fixed: Error displaying numbered tone markers.
  • Fixed: Repeated categories in multiple senses were not displayed.
  • Change of compiler.

Version 2.6.2

10 March 2006

  • Sorting
    • Ignore Spaces added as an option.

Version 2.6.1

4 March 2006

  • Export to Document:
    • Fixed: Fonts not being set correctly for OpenDocument (.odt) documents.
  • Parsing database and building index:
    • Fixed: Out of memory error when loading items with lots of ( and ) characters.
  • Display:
    • Better handling of sense numbers and part-of-speech combinations, e.g. when there is no gloss.

Version 2.6

27 February 2006

  • Display:
    • Portuguese added as an interface language (in addition to the existing English, French and Spanish).
    • WMF, EMF and PCX images can now be displayed (in addition to JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP which were already supported).
    • Vernacular gloss field added (\gv), useful for monolingual dictionaries.
    • Lexicon loading progress messages added in French.
    • Fixed: Sense numbers were not displayed if all glosses had language labels.
    • Fixed: Formatting codes in paradigm fields were not handled properly if using curly brackets.
    • Fixed: Do not add a hyperlink to a morphology field which is not hyphenated.
    • Fixed: If there were many alphabet letters (e.g., like in Chinese), the program was spending too much time creating alphabet buttons on the right of the screen that were never seen.
    • Fixed: Should not display sense number 1 if there is only one sense.
  • Export to Document:
    • Pictures can now be exported in documents.
      • New Pictures page added to Export Document wizard.
      • Choice of which images to include.
      • Specify default width.
    • Fixed: Subentries were output twice.
    • Fixed: Problem with document export and MDF field styles (fv, uc, etc.) if special characters were present.
    • Fixed: Omitted records were exported.
  • Parsing database and building index:
    • Fixed: Problem with alternative marker hierarchy where sub-entries and sense numbers are used.
    • Fixed: Formatting codes should be removed from index items.
    • Fixed: When building the index, if a gloss begins with an word in parenthesis, Lexique Pro should ignore this word, e.g. (se) sauver should be entered into the index as sauver – rather than ignoring the word altogether.
  • Configuration:
    • Maximum length of fields markers increased to 20.
  • Distribution:
    • Fixed: If an image had been specified with a full path, it would not be distributed properly.
    • Fixed: About Language page images were not always distributed properly.
  • Editor:
    • Fixed: If Insert field dialog was cancelled, the extra line inserted was not undone.

Version 2.5.1

9 January 2006

  • Export to Document:
    • Added OpenDocument type (.odt) to export options. This is the format used by 2.0.
    • Fixed: The 1.0 text documents (.sxw) that Lexique Pro generated could not be read by 2.0.
    • Fixed: exports did not handle field-level and user-defined formatting styles.
    • Fixed: Export wizard froze when trying to export fields with angle brackets.
    • Fixed: Various problems with RTF export.
  • Export to Web:
    • Fixed: Cross-references were not linking to the correct entries if the dictionary contained sub-entries.
  • Configuration:
    • Consistent Changes page appears on first-time configuration.
    • Fixed: HTML tags in category names and descriptions were not read properly from the configuration file.
  • Editor:
    • Fixed: Fonts were sometimes not set properly for editor lines, leaving a mixture of two fonts on the same line.

Version 2.5

24 December 2005

  • Editor:
    • Multi-level undo (‘Undo last change’) in addition to ‘Undo all’.
    • In addition to CTRL+E, double-clicking on an item in left-hand window toggles between view and edit modes.
    • Keyboard layout switching added. (See ‘Default Fonts’ page of configuration to set keyboard for each language.)
    • Fixed: Editing was confused when records were omitted. Now when edit mode is on, all records are displayed. (Omitted records are displayed in red). When edit mode is off the omitted records are hidden.
    • Fixed: If during an edit you inadvertently deleted an end-of-field paragraph character, all subsequent field markers shifted up one relative to their field contents, corrupting the record.
    • Fixed: Fonts were sometimes not set properly for editor lines.
    • Fixed: Do not allow user to delete record marker (i.e. \lx).
    • Fixed: Insert/edit marker dialog needed French and Spanish translations.
  • Viewing:
    • Click on an image: larger version appears in a pop-up window.
    • When displaying members of a category, status bar indicates how many words (e.g., Category: 5 words).
    • Shortcut to Pronounce button (F4).
    • Fixed: Links to sub-entries did not work.
  • Configuration:
    • New-look dialog to avoid four rows of tabs.
    • Removed some pages from the first-time configuration wizard.
    • Fixed: Upper-ASCII characters in user-defined field labels were not saved properly.
  • Categories:
    • Added optional Description text to be displayed below the title when viewing a category.
      To set the description, go to the Categories page of the configuration, go to the Category Names tab, select a category and then click the Change… button.
      The category description font can be changed in the Styles page of the configuration on the General Fields tab.
  • Formatting:
    • User defined styles:
      • New tab in the Configure Lexicon dialog.
      • Allows configuration of MDF character styles fv, fe, fn and fr.
      • Allows addition of extra user-defined font styles, including HTML-style.
    • Homonym number subscripts are displayed for cross references and lexical function links.
    • Options for displaying Example Gloss styles with quote marks.
    • Fixed: Don’t try to add missing full stops at the end of right-to-left text.
    • Fixed: If lexicon language is an right-to-left language, need to right-justify the main tree-view.
    • Fixed: i: was wrongly interpreted as an italics formatting code.
    • Fixed: Gray colour was not recognised.
  • Create New Lexicon wizard:
    • New wizard (File > Create New Lexicon…) allowing user to create a blank lexicon database.
  • Export:
    • Fixed: When exporting alphabetical entries to a document, do not export section headings if there are no words for that letter.
    • Fixed: If you used MDF formatting styles with curly brackets (e.g., fi:{in italics}), the curly brackets would still be visible in an export to an RTF document.
  • Other bug fixes:
    • Fixed: Sort from end of words did not sort words properly with homonym numbers.
    • Fixed: In About and More Info pages, links to .doc and .pdf worked, but .xls and other file types were not recognised.
    • Fixed: Edit features should not be available for Windows 95/98/Me.
    • Fixed: Installation – if no database was chosen, desktop and Start Menu items were not created.
    • Fixed: Status bar 1 words changed to 1 word.

Version 2.4.6

29 July 2005

  • New Feature: Input buttons for special characters:
    Input buttons for special characters

    • Gives your users an easy way of typing special characters in Lexique Pro without needing to install/learn a program like Keyman.
    • Buttons are displayed under the lookup/search boxes on the left of the screen.
    • See the new ‘Input Buttons’ page in the Configure Lexicon wizard to configure input buttons for each language.
  • Sound: display a sound icon to the right of main entry names and sub-entry names if a sound clip exists. Clicking on it will have the same effect as clicking the Pronounce button.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Warning in distribution compilation re. non-ASCII characters in language file.
    • Editor menu items were still enabled on home, about language and info pages.

Version 2.4.5

19 July 2005

  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL+E now toggles between View and Edit tabs (like in Paratext).
  • Formatting enhancements:
    • Can turn on/off display of example references and phonetic forms.
    • Full stops are added to the end of encyclopaedic fields if punctuation is not found.
    • If variant comments are already enclosed in parenthesis (), Lexique Pro will not add extra quotes on export.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bookmark hyperlinks (e.g., to jump to another position on the same page) did not work in Info and About Language pages.

Version 2.4.4

4 July 2005

  • Dictionary Development Program (DDP):
    • Support for version 3 added (Now, both xxdict2.db – for version 2 – and xxdict3.db – for version 3 – are distributed).
    • On the Category page of the Configure Lexicon wizard, if you are using DDP you need to specify which version you are using – i.e. 2 or 3.
    • For more info on DDP, see here.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Part of speech is repeated in output in some cases.

Version 2.4.3

15 June 2005

  • Formatting:
    • Allow HTML formatting codes <i>, <b> and <u> to be used in lexical entries for formatting, e.g.:
\de Here is a definition in <b>bold</b> and <i>italics</i>.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Access violation when trying to add a new record where there are user-defined gloss languages. Marker language info was being written incorrectly in the configuration file.
    • Error when trying to add a category if there were previously no categories.
    • Use Unicode for bullet character ().
    • Failed to open lexicon if there was a blank line in the sort order.
    • Don’t display an isolated : if there is no lexical function caption.

Version 2.4.2

10 May 2005

  • Bug fix:
    • Lexical function hyperlinks were not working in Web export.

Version 2.4.1

3 May 2005

  • Bug fixes:
    • Export to RTF document failed if there were curly brackets { } in a field.
    • CTRL+C, CTRL+X, and CTRL+V should be enabled for cut, copy, and paste, respectively, in search, lexicon and index lookup fields.
    • Cursor position was not remembered when saving or undoing changes.
    • If you turned off edit mode after making some changes you had not saved, the changes were not reflected immediately in the display and you were not able to re-enter edit mode.

Version 2.4

21 April 2005

  • Basic editing features:
    • New Edit button on toolbar to enter edit mode.
    • Allows you to edit, add, copy, and delete records.
    • Additional security setting – default is not to allow editing.
    • Uses Toolbox .typ/.lng info for fonts/template if available.
  • Configuration enhancements:
    • Tabbed interface: Can now access configuration pages via tabbed interface, rather than going through all the wizard pages every time. The wizard is still available if preferred. (See Tools menu.)
    • First-time Configuration:
      • If the Toolbox user settings folder (with .typ and .lng files) cannot be found, Lexique Pro asks you to specify where to find it.
      • If the Toolbox language settings specify that the file is Unicode, Lexique Pro will default to Unicode file rather than Plain text file.
      • Fixed: Unicode characters in language encoding files (.lng) are now handled correctly.
      • Fixed: If you have more than one gloss language, the fonts should default to different colours.
    • Can turn off alphabet display on home page (see Home Page of Configuration).
    • XML file is now written as UTF-8 – makes it easier to see Unicode characters.
    • Allow Unicode characters in Category display names.
    • Added configuration of Category fonts.
    • Hyperlinks: can specify whether or not to have a hyperlink for each lexical function or paradigm (see Label Translation page of Configure Lexicon wizard).
  • Display/layout enhancements:
    • Lexique Pro now displays the fields in roughly the same order as you have specified them, rather than reorganising and regrouping the fields as in previous versions. Here are some advantages:
      • You can place the paradigms and variants at the top of the entry, or at the bottom, or in the middle – it’s for you to decide.
      • You can place encyclopaedic info fields (e.g., \ee) giving explanations between examples, pictures, etc.
    • Homonym numbers are displayed in titles, and are included on index tree on left e.g. (1), (2), (3).
    • Multiple line lexical function and cross reference glosses are vertically aligned to top rather than centred.
    • Left margins made more consistent; reduced spacing between some fields.
    • Formatting codes processed in cross reference gloss and variant comment fields
    • Multiple-entry views (i.e. when you click on a, or do a search, or look at categories):
      • Can specify fonts (in the Fonts page of the Configure Lexicon wizard).
      • Can specify which fields to display in multi-entry views (in the More Formatting page of the Configure Lexicon wizard).
    • Fixed: if paradigms are not hyper-linked, Lexique Pro will not attempt to remove trailing digits as if they were homonym numbers.
  • Export:
    • Can specify which lexical functions and paradigms to export.
    • Added phonetic form.
    • Allow exclusion of example reference field when exporting examples.
    • Fixed: In RTF exports, the font name output was not correct in the French version of Windows.
    • Fixed: In export to document, RTL examples were not output correctly.
  • Indexes:
    • Multiple entry display when clicking on top level index items rather than displaying the first word – if, for example, there are two words (e.g., kuki and bisiki) for the English word biscuit, both of these will be displayed when you click on biscuit rather than displaying the first of the two.
  • Properties dialog:
    • See File > Properties – to show database file location, size, etc. This is available when you have edit or configuration access.
  • Consistent Changes:
    • New page on Configure Lexicon wizard to allow you to apply a CC table (.cct) to your records.
    • The changes are made only in memory; your database file is not affected.
    • New CC tab available when editing to see results of applying CC table.
    • Some users had been using a CC table to manipulate their data before loading it into Lexique Pro. The problem with this is that it meant they could not use Lexique Pro for editing their original data. By applying the CC table within Lexique Pro, you can still edit your original data.
    • When you encrypt and distribute your data, the post CC’d data will be distributed to save time loading the lexicon.
  • Categories:
    • Fixed: DDP categories were not recognised if an \sd field was not present with its corresponding \is field. Now, \is fields on their own are recognised.
  • Other bug fixes:
    • Failed to create distribution setup program if the language name contained non A-Z characters.
    • Characters in the range 160-255 were not displaying properly in the main display and in web/document exports if the user’s computer was set to default to a Central European character set.
    • Crash occurred when building indexes after using Omit Records feature.
    • Access violation when trying to display empty paradigm field.
    • Unnecessary separator lines were sometimes visible in the File menu.
    • Most recently used lexicon list on File menu – now checks to see if files still exist before adding them to the menu.
    • If only one Usage field, it is displayed on the same line as the label Usage:.
    • Cross-ref links to sub-entries now go to sub-entry rather than main entry (e.g., for \cf custard : custard pie).
  • Latest version of TECkit included in the distribution (TECkit 2.1.2 – 21 July 2004).
  • New version of Inno Setup for generating the distributable .exe.

Versions 2.3 – 2.3.7

  • Test versions

Version 2.2

1 November 2004

  • Export to Document:
    • Added export to Rich Text Format.
    • Paragraph settings page on wizard – to allow setting of indents, alignment and line spacing.
  • Optimisation: sorting and loading dictionary.
    • Configuration Wizard:
      • Can specify home page images per lexicon (see Home Page).
      • Can specify fonts for part of speech, labels, borrowed words and etymology.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Setting Indic font style failed in Word.
    • If upper and lower case letters are the same, should only use one for the section headings.
    • Titles should default to Arial for classified export.
    • Example references were exported in wrong font.
    • Various problems with distributing multiple lexicons with images/sound files.
    • If two Lexique Pro’s open at same time, were unable to play .wav files in both.

Version 2.1.1

19 October 2004

  • Bug Fixes:
    • When reversal fields were specified they did not completely override gloss fields, so both gloss and reversal fields appeared in the index. (This bug was introduced between versions 2.0.1 and 2.1. If you use reversal fields, it’s advisable to delete the .idx index files created using version 2.1 to force 2.1.1 to recreate them.)
    • In web export, if using citation forms, hyperlinks between fields would not point to the right page if the citation form started with a different letter than the lexeme.
    • Search on whole words often failed for words containing special characters.
    • Screen needed refreshing after right-click search.
  • Enhancements:
    • Etymology field added (\et, \eg).
    • In the Distribute lexicon wizard, permissions for Export to Document or Web are set to off by default.

Version 2.1

15 October 2004

  • Sort from End of Words Tab:
    • A new index tab on the left of the screen, where lexical entries are sorted from the ends of words, hence grouping words with the same suffixes together.
    • Can be turned on/off on the Sort Order page of the Configure Lexicon wizard.
  • Index files are included in the distribution:
    • This means that Lexique Pro will not waste time sorting and creating indexes the first time the user installs your lexicon.
  • User-defined Paradigm fields (see second tab on the Markers page of Configure Lexicon wizard):
    • Allows you to define your own paradigm fields, e.g. \dim (Diminutive), \defpl (Definite Plural), \acc (Accusative).
  • Formatting & Styles (see Styles page of Configure Lexicon wizard):
    • Can specify font colour, bold/italics for gloss/definition fields.
    • Can specify font for sub-entries.
    • Can specify line height for fonts in the index tabs. (This is useful since some Unicode fonts appear with too much vertical spacing.)
  • Sound (in context):
    • Sound files can now be associated with paradigms and lexical functions as well as examples.
    • Put a Sound (in context) marker (defaults to \sfx) after the corresponding field in your database.
  • Alphabet Buttons configuration (via button on the Alphabet page of Configure Lexicon wizard):
    • Can specify whether or not to display the button bar on the right of the screen.
    • Can specify button size (width and height), and font.
    • Can specify which letters to display if not the same as for the alphabet on the home page.
  • Fixed: If the definition marker appeared before gloss or reversal markers, only the last gloss/reversal marker was included.

Version 2.0.1

24 August 2004

  • Sorting: can now choose whether to select words alphabetically by lexical entry name or lexical citation form – see Alphabet page of the Configure Lexicon wizard.
  • Sound:
    • Audio clips can be associated with examples (e.g. \xv …. \xe …. \xsf c:\sounds\example1.mp3).
    • MP3 files are now accepted as well as WAV format.
  • Field Formatting:
    • Encyclopedic Info field (\ev) displayed for vernacular language.
    • Additional styles added for Encyclopedic Info – see Styles page of Configure Lexicon wizard.
    • Can choose whether example reference (\rf) refers to example before (i.e. \xv, \xv, \rf) or after (i.e. \rf, \xv, \xe) – see More Styles page of the Configure Lexicon wizard.
    • Can turn off Google hyperlink for Scientific name – see More Styles page of the Configure Lexicon wizard.
    • If multiple example glosses are given they are appended (i.e. \xv\xe …. \xe ….).
  • Language name can be displayed as caption of Lexicon tab rather than ‘Lexicon’.
  • Variant forms are displayed at the top of an entry rather than embedded in the definition.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Repeated text was appearing after sub-entries in many-entry view.
    • Hyperlinks in web export were wrong for words beginning with a two-character character, e.g. ng.
    • If many sound files were found, the last of these was chosen rather than the first.
    • Scaling problems on widescreen displays.

Version 2.0

16 August 2004

  • Release version – can be used to distribute your dictionary to others.
  • Search Tab:
    • Matching entries are displayed in summary form in the main display. This means that you can print your search results.
    • Matches in lexical entry names are displayed in a separate list from matches in gloss/definitions.
    • Now accepts wildcards and regular expressions, e.g.
*muso matches all words ending with muso
t?ma matches toma, tima, tema, etc.
b[ai]t* matches words beginning with bat or bit
m(im|an)*t matches words beginning with mim or man and ending with t
  • Export to Document:
    • Can now export to native Text Document format (.sxw), as well as Microsoft Word (.doc).
  • Configuration:
    • Alphabet page – for choosing which letters to display on front screen and on the vertical button bar on the right.
    • Styles page – moved from Fonts page, to make it clearer.
    • First time configuration – if Lexique Pro finds related Shoebox/Toolbox .typ and .lng files, these are used to set some of the default font and language settings.


If these files are not found, it is not a problem. If found, they are referenced only during the first configuration of a lexicon.

  • Printing: title in header for alphabetic and category screens.
  • When adding an additional gloss language, select ‘build index’ by default.
  • Status bar hints when mouse over videos and documents.
  • More movie types recognised (e.g., .mpeg, .mpg, .qt, .3gp, .mp4).
  • New splash screen and about box with revised copyright information.
  • Fixed: Problem with saving category names in Spanish.
  • Fixed: Repeated text in export of entries with multiple definitions.

Version 1.9.5 (Beta)

28 July 2004

  • Can now include video/movie files, Word and PDF documents as links in a lexical entry. See FAQ for more details as to how to do this.
  • Bambara lexicon and Mali info pages removed to decrease size of download.
  • Restriction removed: Parent category nodes can now have semantic domain codes associated with them.
  • Fixed: Win 9x sorting problem for entries beginning with Unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Formatting problems with index export to Word for right-to-left languages.
  • Fixed: Could not enter category name in Spanish.

Version 1.9.4 (Beta)

21 July 2004

  • Fixed: Sound files were not found if specified with an absolute path.
  • Fixed: Headers for export to Word were displaying errors.
  • Fixed: Variants, Encyclopaedic info, and Usage fields were missing from alphabetic display and exports.
  • Fixed: Lexical function and paradigm labels were displaying ??? for Unicode characters.

Version 1.9.3 (Beta)

20 July 2004

  • Fixed: When distributing a Unicode DB as encrypted, failed to recognise it as Unicode when decrypting.
  • Web page export:
    • Improved to include both framed/frameless versions.
    • Framed version includes indexes and categories. (Tested on IE6 and Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2.)
    • Fixed: Selected fields to export are saved for next time the wizard is run.
  • Links:
    • When specifying a number for homonym, can optionally leave a space, e.g. \cf sow2 and \cf sow 2 are both accepted as links to \lx sow \hm 2
    • Allow x : y format for links from \lf, \cf, and \va.
  • Added a few more Spanish labels/captions.

Version 1.9.2 (Beta)

16 July 2004

  • Fixed: Some controls had lost the ability to accept characters typed with Keyman.

Version 1.9.1 (Beta)

15 July 2004

  • Export to Word:
    • Gutter/mirror margins added.
  • Export to Web page:
    • Fixed: Failure to build links for web page.
    • Fixed: Failure to load generated web page with Firefox.
    • Field selection page added to wizard.

Version 1.9 (Beta)

14 July 2004

  • Change of application name to Lexique Pro.
  • User Interface Enhancements:
    • Spanish interface added.
    • New components to allow Unicode support in Windows 98.
    • New program icon.
    • Images on menus.
    • Tool tips appear in left-side tree view when not enough room to show the whole node.
  • Categories:
    • Support for semantic domains based on the Dictionary Development Program (Ron Moe), using the \is index of semantics field. To enable this, Lexique Pro has knowledge of all the DDP indexes and titles.
    • Links to sub-categories and parent category are displayed in the category listing. When you click on a category, if it doesn’t have any entries, at least you get links to child/parent entries.
  • Export to Word – Enhancements/Fixes:
    • Added option of exporting as Classified Dictionary (based on categories).
    • Now allows choice of which fields to export.
    • Keep with Next is set in the styles for section titles, so they don’t get orphaned at the bottom of the page.
    • Can export in Monochrome or Colour.
  • Configuration:
    • Specify Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left explicitly for each language, and also for Phonetic form.
  • Sub-entries:
    • Now displayed as part of main entry, but also linked to enable them to be viewed separately.
  • Parsing lexicon and index construction:
    • The ordering \sn 1 \ps... \sn 2 \ps... is supported as well as \ps \sn 1... \sn 2...
    • Fixed: Glosses and reversals are not split on commas.
  • Updated version of installation program, with enhanced compression.
  • Fixed: Top and left margin settings were being ignored in the lexical entry display if the computer’s regional language settings were set to French.

Version 1.8 (Beta)

21 June 2004

  • TECkit support for converting legacy font databases into Unicode on database load. (This is now used instead of hard-coded conversion which had been provided for a few selected fonts.) See the Fonts page in the Configure Lexicon wizard.
  • Better handling of Right-To-Left languages:
    • Lookup edit box on a RTL index tab is right-aligned.
    • RTL direction is set when displaying RTL languages – means that parenthesis is displayed correctly. Also works for export to Word or Web page.
  • Ignore characters are ignored when doing lookup and searches. Also leading spaces are removed after ignore characters are removed.
  • Corrected alphabetical sections for Word and Web export.

Version 1.7 (Beta)

9 June 2004

  • About Language button – displays user-defined language specific HTML pages – e.g. for an introduction to the language, linguistic info, acknowledgements, references. These are specified in the Configure Lexicon wizard. The More Info pages should be now used for more general organisation publicity etc.
  • Allow links to Word documents, PDFs, mailto: from About Language and More Info pages.
  • Sorting and indexing
    • Sorting was too slow – improved speed.
    • Fixed indexing problem: it was only selecting first and last gloss items.
    • If change only minor things (e.g., fonts, labels) in Configure wizard, no need to reload/re-sort lexicon.
  • Display phonetic form.
  • Configuration Wizard changes:
    • Allow specify language name in French as well as English.
    • Added Unicode conversion for Senegal Dakar fonts – for a clearer display.
    • Can specify font and formatting for phonetic form and example reference.
    • Edit marker and Edit category dialogs allow user to select from a list of available markers/semantic domains.
  • Output filename/folder page in Word and Web export wizards.
  • Index lists:
    • Corrected problem with node heights, where it was not possible to click on all the nodes.
    • Right-to-Left index list for Arabic.
  • Fixed category sub-entry problem.
  • More keyboard shortcuts, e.g. CTRL+F (Search), CTRL+L (Lexicon), ALT+Right (Back), etc.
  • French translations in Print Preview.
  • Language name on splash screen.
  • Google search when Scientific Name fields are clicked.
  • Images should not be more than 250 pixels in width.

Version 1.6 (Beta)

28 May 2004

  • Configuration Wizard changes:
    • Category configuration page.
    • Label translation configuration page.
    • Ignore Characters in sort order.
    • Create Quick Launch shortcut.
  • About SIL changed to More Info to allow more general Info pages.
  • Info Pages – language dependent: choose HTML index page depending on interface language: i.e. index-en.htm (English) or (French). Otherwise index.htm if language-specific file is not found.
  • Distribution Wizard changes:
    • Can now choose multiple lexicons to distribute together.
    • Can choose custom Info Pages – general or lexicon-specific.
    • Allow images to be placed in common folder – to be shared by other lexicons.
  • Small images do not get enlarged.
  • Fixed error in sorting non-ASCII languages.
  • Multiple cross-refs followed by single gloss – display correctly.
  • Save lexicon sort order for faster loading.
  • Improved icons.
  • Supports larger fonts in index/lexicon tree views – node height is changed.
  • Print Preview.
  • Encyclopaedic info, Usage and Variant fields.
  • Configuration file – fixed to be well-formed XML.

Version 1.5 (Beta)

20 May 2004

  • Fixed to read Toolbox UTF-8 encoded files (new setting in Configuration Wizard).
  • Added Distribution Wizard to automate creation of setup program for distribution.
    • User can choose which files they want to distribute
    • Optional encryption of data files
    • Setting of permissions
    • Font installation
  • Added case associations in Configuration Wizard.
  • Added sorting on citation form.
  • Spanish and Portuguese default case and sort orders added.
  • Picture and Sound icons are not displayed if images/sounds cannot be found.
  • Most recently used lexicons displayed on File menu.
  • Added printing (File > Print).

Version 1.4 (Beta)

3 May 2004

  • First beta release.