Payap Lanna

A traditional-style font for the Tai Tham script of Southeast Asia.


Payap Lanna is a free and open font family for writing systems that use the Tai Tham script of Northern Thailand. It is named after Payap University in Chiang Mai where the encoding of this script was developed.


Lanna means “thousand rice fields” and is the name of the former kingdom of the Northern Thai people which was centered in present day Northern Thailand. This font makes that rich calligraphic tradition available for a wide range of modern typographic uses, including books, signage, and electronic media. Read more about the project.


The fonts include regular and bold weights and use state-of-the-art Graphite font technology to provide accurate typography, with correctly positioned combining marks, properly formed clusters and conjuncts, and a wealth of alternate forms and variant glyphs. Read more about our technical resources.


Payap Lanna primarily supports the style and glyph design preferred for writing the Northern Thai language and may not be as useful for other languages that use the Tai Tham script (Tai Lue, Khuen). It follows the current Unicode encoding and will continue to adjust to any future enhancements. Read more about our character set support.

Common questions

Why does this font only support Graphite?

The current OpenType and shaping engine support for Tai Tham does not correctly handle some sequences, and there is no workaround. Graphite provides proper rendering for those sequences, but requires an application that supports Graphite.

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