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This document contains questions that were asked by PhoneBox users and their answers.

Q: Is there some way that I can specify vowel sequences in the settings file? I have the following vowel sequences in my data: ai ui au ei which function as single units (diphthongs) in the language. I also have an extensive inventory of consonant clusters. What should I do with these so they are treated as clusters and not separate consonants?

A: Simply add the vowel sequences to the end of the \v field in the settings database, and the consonant sequences to the end of the \c field.

Background: You can define any character sequence as a single segment by putting it into one of the character declaration fields in the settings database.

Q: Phonebox.exe wants to write to my Windows.sys file which is write protected. I can’t install PhoneBox, because I don’t have administrator rights on the computer.

A: PhoneBox is an ActiveX Exe – component. That means that other programs, like e.g. Microsoft Word, can call PhoneBox and use its functions. Therefore, PhoneBox has to write some information to the Windows Registry on installation. The Windows.sys file is part of it, and you might need admininstrator privileges to install PhoneBox on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Furthermore, PhoneBox stores the Filename of the files you open and the names of the settings records in the user section of the registry, so that it can use them as default values when you run PhoneBox again.

Q: Can I still use PhoneBox with non-Unicode data?

A: Yes. However, you will have to adapt the settings files and the Microsoft Word document templates in order to match your encoding. Please contact me.

Background: PhoneBox reads the Toolbox language encoding files in order to determine the encoding of your data. If you provide language encoding files that describe your data correctly, PhoneBox will be able to process it. However, you will need to change the template of the PhoneBox Settings database type and every setting that contains unicode data. PhoneBox will recognize any database type as a valid settings database type if its name starts with “PhoneBox Settings”.

Q: I want to use the Microsoft Word document templates for interlinear text and phone charts, but I receive an “ActiveX component can’t Create Object” – Error from Word.

A: Either PhoneBox is not installed correctly, or you have the wrong version. Uninstall PhoneBox using the “Add/Remove Programs” control panel applet, download and install the most recent version of PhoneBox and try again.

Background: Support for interlinear text import was added in PhoneBox version 1.1.0, support for phone charts in version 1.1.1.