What is the best thing about using PrimerPrep?

If you have a text in the language, you can literally be investigating the best teaching order in the language within a couple of minutes! It really is that easy!

Can PrimerPrep test my primer texts?

Yes! You can enter your texts for each lesson, and PrimerPrep will highlight in red all untaught residue, i.e. letters which the student has not yet been taught.

What do I need to start using PrimerPrep?

About the only thing you absolutely need is one or more texts in the language (preferably at least 4000 words). These should be in Unicode (UTF-8) plain text format, which you may be able to produce using Save As… in Word, etc. You will get the best results if these texts have been edited to follow a consistent orthography.

Will PrimerPrep work on my computer?

PrimerPrep has a nice installation program for Windows, but there are now instructions for running the program on Linux as well.

How is PrimerPrep licensed?

Primer Pro is licensed under the MIT Open Source License.