In Bangkok, Thailand, a PrimerPro training event was held from 5-8 October 2015. At this training event there were10 participants representing five languages (Bangla, Nepali, Setswana, Sinhala and Tamil). They worked in pairs. Each language had a different script. They were trained on the use of PrimerPro for producing MLE materials.

The participants learned how to set up a PrimerPro project, both for an alphabetic writing system and several syllabary writing sysems. The participants learned how to establish a scope and sequence for their language. A tentative scope and sequence was established for each language. The participants learned how to use PrimerPro software for creating controlled vocabulary stories for their language. All of them created several controlled vocabulary stories in their language.

The participants working with the Bangla language set up their grapheme inventory in a unique way. They used a combination of consonants, vowels and syllographs in their grapheme inventory. They found this approach to be very helpful. This was the first time I have seen someone take this approach mixing syllographs with consonants and vowels.