Reading App Builder (RAB) allows you to create a complete Android app from text and audio. The finished product can then be distributed in multiple ways to users in the local community and around the world.

Easy to build

With RAB the hard work of programming an Android app has been done for you. Just launch the program and follow the steps in the New App Wizard, adding text and associated files. You can create a useful Android app within a few minutes without any programming.

Audio synchronization

A powerful feature of Reading App Builder is the ability to include audio with the text. An audio MP3 file can be associated with each chapter of a book. With the addition of timing files, phrases can be highlighted as the audio is played. The user can control the playback by moving between phrases or sections. This feature opens the app up to people who are learning to read in their language.

The audio files can be included with the app or made available via the internet. See the FAQ for more information.

Distribute however you want, even offline

Once you have built the app, you can choose the best ways to distribute it to users. Depending on how you incorporate the audio files, the app can be used and shared completely offline. This means that it can be distributed via Bluetooth, microSD, email, websites or the Google Play Store. Even if the audio files are stored online, users can still access the text immediately.

Complex font handling

Include the fonts that work best with your text, whether they are Roman or Non-Roman script, left-to-right or right-to-left. Apps can be packaged with the Grandroid font-rendering library, developed by SIL’s Non-Roman Script Initiative.

Localized and customizable

The app that you create can be fully customized to work for you context:

  • You can design your own app icon and optional splash screen. The files are standard PNG images that can be created in popular photo editing software.
  • Along with a number of color schemes, you can adjust the colors of individual items to better meet the culture of the audience.
  • All of the app interface text can be translated and localized.

The user interface in Reading App Builder itself can be displayed in English, French or Spanish.

Export to EPUB e-book format

As well as building smartphone apps, Reading App Builder can create e-books in EPUB format. EPUB documents are readable by a number of e-book readers on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. If you have timing files for your audio, the e-books can contain ‘Read Aloud’ text-audio synchronization.