Scripture App Publishing Service Admin Help

The role of Service Admin for the Scripture App Publishing Service is a critical component of facilitating the process of publishing Scripture apps to app stores. The Service Admin connects with and provides support for customers who want to get their Scripture apps out.

App Store Preview

The app store data is provided by the user as part of the project information that is uploaded to the App Publishing Service repository. One responsibility of the Service Admin is to preview and review the content for the app store(s). Checks include:

  1. Verify all required text and image assets are present.
  2. Scan to ensure text is spelled correctly and reads well.
  3. Verify all image assets are suitable for the app store.

It is not the job of the Service Admin to edit text or add images. If the app store site will have problems, please return the task back to the user and have them correct the shortcoming.  This can be done by clicking on the DENY button.  Provide a helpful message to the user on what needs to be changed and then submit the message.

Create App Entry

Using the verified data provided by the user, create the app store entry for the project.

Make It Live

At this point all is ready to go. This is the last step to making the app active in the app store.