Scriptoria helps you publish your apps and keep them updated every time the Scripture App Builder software is improved. You provide the service with your app project data and it will build and publish the app to the Google Play store for you.

Scriptoria is the next generation of the Scripture App Publishing Service. The first version of the service was limited to Wycliffe members and could only publish to the Wycliffe Google Play store. In April 2019, Scriptoria was released and allowed multiple organizations to publish apps to multiple Google Play Store accounts as well as publishing to an Amazon S3 Bucket (for access by websites). Scriptoria was extended to support Reading App Builder and Dictionary App Builder as well.

Scriptoria is intended to be used by organizations who have multiple apps that they have to manage and keep updated. The system is designed to be flexible and be customized (by the Scriptoria developers) to meet different publishing needs. To request access to Scriptoria, please fill the Request Organization Invite form.

Scripture Software Community

Check out the Scriptoria category of the Scripture Software Community. You can interact with this site either on the web, or if you prefer, you can set things up so that it acts like an email list.

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