Here’s what’s new in WeSay 1.3, which Windows users can download here:

WeSay 1.3.78for Windows MSI | 21 MB | 17 May 2013

Display glosses in Gather by Semantic Domain Task

If you configure this task so that users can enter a gloss (in addition to the vernacular word), the gloss will now show up, in grey, under the word in the list. An advisor requested this as it helps him see what is being gathered.

Correct spelling in collection tasks

In most cases, selecting and editing a word in the collection tasks now causes its spelling to be changed rather than creating a new entry.

New Image Toolbox

Importing and Image

Previously, WeSay supported selecting images from the Art Of Reading collection via search (starting, automatically, by looking for pictures that match the gloss). Now when you click to add an image, the Image Toolbox opens, and lets you:

  • Scan in a drawing
  • Get a picture from your camera
  • Choose an image from Art of Reading (as before)
  • Choose a file from your file system (as before)

Intellectual Property

For any of these images, WeSay now can read and write metadata about the image: the illustrator, copyright, and license. For the license, you can answer a few questions and WeSay will select a nice Creative Commons license to match your wishes. This meta data will be invisibly embedded in the image itself, so that this information will be readable now and in the future by other tools which understand image metadata.


The Image Toolbox has a very simple cropping tool, built-in.

New Art Of Reading Download

SIL has recently granted a Creative Commons License for Art Of Reading, and Palaso has created a downloadable installer for the collection. Just install it, and suddenly Bloom and WeSay will be able to use it. Naturally, our version has all the metadata embedded: the illustrator (where known), Copyright, Creative Commons license, and keywords.

Delete input systems

You can now delete input systems. Associated data can either be deleted as well or it can be merged into another input system.

Improved help

Hit the F1 key to get context sensitive help anywhere in WeSay. Have a question? please let us know and we will see about adding the answer to the help files!

Resumable Send/Receive

If a Send/Receive operation is interrupted it will resume where it left off on the next attempt.

Printing Custom Fields in “Make PDF Dictionary”

As always, we recommend using FLEx/Pathway for your final print jobs, and the “Make PDF Dictionary” for one-click drafts. Starting with this version, if you name your custom field “plural” it will now show up in the PDF dictionary. Other custom fields can now be added as well, but at this point, this can only be done by adding an entry in the “customlayout.css” stylesheet in the export folder. Check out the end of the “Autolayout.css” file to see how it was done for “plural”, or ask for help if you need a custom stylesheet.