In order for WeSay to render some complex forms of Non-Roman text, a module called GeckoFX is needed. However when Gecko is on, certain other things (such as keyboard switching and tabbing between fields) don’t work properly. Thus, WeSay runs with Gecko off by default, but it is possible to turn it on by means of environment variables.

Turning on Gecko in Windows

For the most part, Gecko is not needed for WeSay on Windows. The main thing it adds is the ability to display Graphite fonts. If you need Gecko in Windows:

  1. Use the Control Panel to edit your environment variables.
  2. Create a variable WESAY_USE_GECKO.
  3. Set the value to 1, TRUE, or anything that is not 0.

Turning on Gecko in Linux

In Linux, GeckoFX is needed for most complex scripts, whether they use Graphite or not. To run WeSay with Gecko turned on:

  1. Open a Terminal window.
  2. Use the following command to set an environment variable and run WeSay at the same time: WESAY_USE_GECKO=1 wesay
  3. You may set the value to 1, TRUE, or anything that is not 0.

GeckoFX is installed via the package geckofx29 as part of the normal installation process for WeSay.