WeSay 1.4 has now been declared stable.

Here’s what’s new in WeSay 1.4, which Windows users can download here:

WeSay 1.4.55 for Windows MSI | 21 MB | 22 Oct 2014

Gather by SIL CAWL in Indonesian

The gather words task for the SIL CAWL list now allows prompts in Indonesian as well as Portuguese, Swahili, and Hausa.

Smaller .NET

WeSay now uses .NET 4.0 Client Profile. Previous versions used .NET 3.5 Full Profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with keyboards with dashes in their name.
  • Fixed problem with unreliable word selection in the vertical list in Dictionary Browse and Edit.
  • Fixed a problem when multiple LIFT files were found in a directory.
  • In Chorus Notes, the note labels now use the same font as the lexical unit (headword).