Today’s main task was to get FieldWorks Language Explorer to build on my machine, so that I can work on adding the ability for users to import and export the forth-coming xml dictionary interchange format files. We need this to make it really easy to exchange FW data with WeSay users.

Anyhow, that’s looking like take a couple days of effort to actually get it to build. So, in between inevitable build failures, I started hooking up Spring.Net. We plan to use this for a couple different framework services. The part I got working today was simple object creation/dependency injection.

We want advisers to be able to configure many aspects of WeSay. They need to be able to, for example, just display those tabs which facilitate the tasks that a given user is ready to take on. We also want people to be able to program their own extensions to WeSay, which may come in the form of new tab controls. So the tabs can’t be hardcoded… they must come from the configuration file. Now, eventually, we will need some nice GUI for building these configuration files. But for now, we’re just going to use the raw Spring XML.

I got to the point that Spring is now configuring each of the tabs in WeSay, so that part of WeSay is now configurable. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about how this works.