We started out the day today with our goal of getting our test app running on mono on OLPC. Mono doesn’t come with the OLPC distribution so we will need to add it. This led us to try to download the OLPC RPM image (since it comes with RPM and YUM) to run in our simulator.

After John downloaded it (it took over an hour). We both tried to get it going — John with VMWare and me with QEMU but it wouldn’t even get to the GRUB loader.

Over lunch John downloaded the image from two days ago in hopes that would work but still no success.

While we had a fruitless day on that front, the end is near to our work on the site. Our wiki and blog finally seem to be stable. Thanks to John we now have all the old content transfered into the wiki.

I got captcha working on our blog so we don’t have to worry about bots writing all our comments. And I’m still working on that for our wiki.

I only overheard bits and pieces but Michael seems to have finished his first iteration. And has successfully checked it in.