We’ve updated the WeSay Roadmap, here. Primarily, we’re aiming to finish up Relations (which support sub-entries), Sorting, and Internationalization. We hope the sorting is simple for the 80% of folks who need nothing more than what you can do in Toolbox, but extensible for those languages which have more complex needs.

Relations field type

Here’s a preview of the new relations field type. Here, it is being used to add a “base form” field (i.e. the inverse of a subentry). Notice that you pick the base form by beginning to type it. You get the same fuzzy lookup as with the Find box. Also notice that, to help you pick the correct one, WeSay shows the gloss or definition of each word as a yellow tool-tip.

If the word you want isn’t in the dictionary yet, you can click the button with the plus sign to add it.