We are pleased to announce the first beta release of WeSay 1.6

What’s New in 1.6?

Version 1.6 provides a new feature to choose either Definition (default) or Gloss as the Meaning field. You can find the option in the WeSay Configuration tool in the configration of the Dictionary Browse and Edit task. Gloss is the preferred choice when sharing data with FLEx.

If you change the option it will not change existing data in WeSay. You can use the Bulk Edit feature of FLEx to copy or move data between Definition and Gloss.

WARNING 1.6 includes a configuration change so if you open a project in 1.6 then you will not be able to open it again in 1.5. If you Send/Receive with 1.6 then colleagues using 1.5 will not be able to open the project.

New option for Meaning Field

Common improvements

Upgraded Chorus to the same version that is used by FLEx 8.3.9 which should improve Send/Receive

Known issues in the beta on Windows

Sound input systems do not work on some computers.

Spell checking will only work if you install Enchant. In the future we hope to add this to the WeSay installer.


Microsoft Windows

Download the beta installer from WeSay downloads in the Beta/Testing versions section.

Linux version

You can have the beta version (1.6) and the stable version (1.5) installed at the same time. The beta package is called wesay-beta. See Installing WeSay for Linux for how to set your system up to install the packages.

Ready to go deeper?

Consider joining the WeSay Language Software Community site.   Until we have real documentation, this is the place to go when something is unclear.  As you ask questions, we’ll answer them there.  You can read old questions and answers there.

Please report bugs or request a feature using email. Tell us that you tried it and what you did.  No, really.  It’s human nature to assume someone else had the same crash, but if it was easy to run into, we would have found it, and we would have fixed it.    When you send to this address, your issue is automatically entered into our “todo list” and you will get updates as we work on the problem.