Our approach to software development requires that we “ship early, ship often”. We listen carefully to you, and try to quickly respond to your requests (though at this point, we’re way behind on many requests for new capabilities).

The down-side of this approach was that the newest version is not always the safest. We don’t have any “testers”, so if a release had great, sweeping new features, it could come with related bugs.

This has now changed. We now make two versions available to you. One is the safest (“stable release”). The other has the latest stuff (“development release”). If you are checking out WeSay’s capabilities or willing to help guide us, you want the dev release. If you are deploying WeSay to less computer-savvy or less network-connected users, you want the stable release.

When we hear of a serious bug, we will normally fix it on both releases. New features and non-serious bugs only get added to the development release. Make sense?

To make it easier to track which is which, we use the old Linux-kernel numbering approach. The stable track uses even numbers, the development track uses odd ones.

Our current “stable” releases are 0.4, and the “dev” releases are 0.5. And remember, there are new versions, especially of dev releases, several times a week. So if it’s not too inconvenient, it helps if you can check with a recent release before reporting problems. Thanks!