This page documents the known differences between producing the default PDF (via XeLaTeX) between the original version (based on TeX Live 2010) and the new version based on TeX Live 2020.

All Mac users will or should get the TeX Live 2020 version.  If you are upgrading from an earlier version of XLingPaper on your Mac, see this page for an additional step you need to do.

Here are the known differences:

  1. The XeLaTeXSpecial attribute value of scaled (used for img elements) no longer works.  We try to fit the graphic as best we can, but if you need to manually fix its size, use the XeLaTeXSpecial attribute value of width.  See Appendix D in the user documentation.
  2. Allow font-related elements to have a XeLaTeXSpecial attribute value of Script=’Arabic’ as well as script=’arab’. (TeX Live 2020 does not recognize script=’arab’; actually, it causes the PDF to fail to be produced.)  So you will need to change all instances using script to use Script.
  3. We suggest you no longer use the location attribute on figure elements.  The figure may appear at an unintended location in the document.  For example, setting location to topOfPage may place the figure at the end of the document.