There are two situations where you will need to use the XeLaTeX package based on TeX Live 2020.  (XLingPaper normally uses one based on TeX Live 2010.)  These two cases are :

  1. You are using the Charis SIL font version 5.000 and you need to use Graphite capabilities with it.
  2. You are running on a Mac, using El Capitan or higher and have just upgraded your version of XLingPaper to 3.7.5 (or higher).

If either of these are what you need, then first download and install the XeLaTeX from TeX Live 2020 on your machine per the table below.

Operating System Installer to download Size How to install
Windows XeLaTeXFromTeXLive2020ForXLingPaper.exe 42MB Run the installer. It will do all that is needed.
Mac OS X MacXeLaTeX2020Installer.dmg 52MB Run the installer. It will do all that is needed.
Linux XeLaTeX2020Installer.tar.gz 50MB
  1. Decompress and extract the installer in some directory.
  2. In a Terminal, do
    sudo ./installXeLaTeX2020

Second, start up the XMLmind XML Editor and open one of your XLingPaper documents.  Then do this:

  1. Use Tools menu item / Execute Command.
  2. In the Command box, type
  3. Click on OK.

Note that you only need to do the UseXeLaTeXVersion2020 command once.

Finally, there are some differences between the older way of producing PDF and this one.  See the known differences page.