A common convention for typesetting grammatical glosses is to use what typesetters call small capitals (also known as small caps). While some programs like Microsoft Word can render regular fonts (e.g. Times New Roman) as small caps, other programs do not. The makers of these programs prefer to require the user to employ a true small cap font. For this reason, we offer two such small cap fonts for your use. Please note the license that is included with this font family.

Click on the one you wish to download. You will need to unzip the file and then install the fonts in the usual way one installs fonts on your operating system.

Charis SIL Small Caps Use this if you use Charis SIL for your glosses.
Charis SIL Compact Small Caps Use this if you use some other font for your glosses. (This compact version uses the same baseline as most other fonts; regular Charis SIL tends to use a slightly lower baseline.)