This is a maintenance bug fix release. The main bug fix is for the default XeLaTeX way of producing PDF. Version 3.2.0/2.32.0 fixed a problem whereby in some cases the table of contents would show ‘??’ for all pages. The fix for that included in that release could end up showing the wrong page number in some cases. This new release solves both problems: the page numbers will be correct.

To get this fixed version, go to

Here are the other changes:

  • Add ability to have two contents, one in the front matter and one in the back matter, with differing labels and levels of detail. (Only via a publisher style sheet.)
  • Add ability to show (or not show) the contents itself in a table of contents. (Only via a publisher style sheet.)
  • In the user documentation, add an appendix to show the order of elements after the back matter.
  • Enable showing ISO 639-3 codes in examples be on a per example basis as well as document wide.
  • When creating a zip file, add a warning message for when an image file has a bad file name and will not be included in the zip file.
  • For the default way of producing PDF (via XeLaTeX):

    • Fix bug: a gloss in a caption element would not show in the generated contents if the gloss had an embedded indexedItem element.
    • Fix bug: Page numbers for generated contents and indicies could be off by one or two pages.
    • Add a new XeLaTeXSpecial attribute of clearpage. It is like pagebreak, but it will also force any footnotes on the current page to appear at the bottom of that page.