XLingPaper version 3.6.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 7.2+ or 8.2+) and version 2.36.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 5.3) are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This new version of XLingPaper is a maintenance version, containing mostly bug fixes.

If you have not previously installed XLingPaper, you can obtain an installation program for Windows, Mac or Linux at http://software.sil.org/xlingpaper/download/.

If you have already installed XLingPaper version 2.10.0 or higher and merely want to upgrade, then you will need to download and install the XLingPaper update file. See https://software.sil.org/xlingpaper/download/config-only/. Be careful to get the installer for the version of the XMLmind XML Editor you are using (it is possible to install both, if you wish). If you have modified any of the stock publisher style sheets, please be sure to make a backup of your work before running this installer. It may overwrite your modifications.

The recent changes (for both versions) are:

  • 3.6.0 5 November 2019
    • Fix some typos in user documentation.
    • Add more information in the user documentation on converting a table element into a tablenumbered element.
    • Improve information about using FLEx to interlinearize examples and texts and export them in XLingPaper format.
    • Improve TeX handling of left square brackets and right square brackets.
    • Improve efficiency of publisher style sheet processing slightly
    • Improve textbetweenauthoranddate handling
    • Add citedate attribute to refDate element
    • Allow citations to have text material between author and date, controlled by textbetweenauthoranddate attribute on citationLayout element in a style sheet.
    • If an interlinear referred to via an interlinearRef element has an endnote, do not show the endnote.
    • In section 11.45 of user documentation, change location of Google Drive for uploading zip files.
    • Converting Zotero references file to XLingPaper format:
      • Fix bug: handle corporate authors.
      • Fix bug: handle report as a book.
      • Fix bug: handle document as a book.
      • Fix bug: disallow a publisher for a conference paper.
      • Allow web pages for a report magazine article, newspaper article, encyclopedia article, and a presentation.
      • Allow a publisher for a web page.
      • Use ‘ and ‘ for last author when there are multiple authors.
      • Fix bug: some date accessed items were being missed.
      • Fix bug: some authors’ names were being missed.
      • Fix bug: an ID could have a plus sign.
    • For the default way of producing PDF (via XeLaTeX):
      • Allow pagebreak and clearpage XeLaTeXSpecial attributes on annotationRef elements when using a publisher style sheet.
      • Fix bug: fix all instances where a font size change could cause following text material to be in the wrong font size.
      • Fix bug: keywords did not always align correctly.
      • Fix bug: allow pagebreak/clearpage XeLaTeXSpecial attribute values on listInterlinear elements.
      • Fix bug: a reference to an interlinear text could cause following text material to be in the wrong font size.
      • Fix bug: interlinear text could appear in a smaller font than it should.