Tagmukay supports the following Unicode blocks:

Unicode block Tagmukay support
Tifinagh U+2D30, U+2D36, U+2D39, U+2D3C, U+2D3E, U+2D40, U+2D42, U+2D46, U+2D48, U+2D49, U+2D4C, U+2D4D, U+2D4E, U+2D4F, U+2D51, U+2D53, U+2D54, U+2D57, U+2D59, U+2D5B, U+2D5C, U+2D62, U+2D63, U+2D64, U+2D67, U+2D70, U+2D7F
Basic Latin U+0020..U+007E
Latin-1 Supplement U+00A0..U+00FF
Latin Extended-A U+0102, U+0103, U+0114, U+0115, U+012C, U+012D, U+014A, U+014B, U+014E, U+014F, U+0152, U+0153, U+0160, U+0161, U+016C, U+016D, U+0178, U+017D, U+017E
Latin Extended-B U+018E, U+0192, U+0194, U+01DD, U+0192
IPA Extensions U+0263
Latin Extended Additional U+1E04, U+1E05, U+1E0C, U+1E0D, U+1E24, U+1E25, U+1E32, U+1E33, U+1E36, U+1E37, U+1E42, U+1E43, U+1E46, U+1E47, U+1E5A, U+1E5B, U+1E62, U+1E63, U+1E6C, U+1E6D, U+1E88, U+1E89, U+1E92, U+1E93, U+1EF4, U+1EF5

A selection of characters from the Spacing Modifier Letters, Combining Diacritical Marks, General Punctuation blocks are also supported.

The Tagmukay Glyphs document shows the complete collection. A utility such as SIL ViewGlyph can also be used to examine the exact repertoire of each font.

Latin support is provided as a convenience for dual script support in general documents but are not intended for extensive Latin script use. See Latin, Cyrillic and Greek Fonts for a list of high quality Latin fonts.