What platforms and software will Tagmukay work in?

Tagmukay will work on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 10. The key to successful rendering of complex fonts is the support given by the application you are using. If you are using Windows 7 or 8, you must use an application that has Graphite support such as LibreOffice.

What is so special about Tagmukay?

This font is designed to work with two advanced font technologies, Graphite and OpenType. To take advantage of the advanced typographic capabilities of this font, you must be using applications that provide an adequate level of support for Graphite or OpenType. These advanced capabilities provide the logic for rendering of the Shifinagh script and access to the variant character forms. Read more about our smart font features.

Can I make a web page using this font?

Yes. You can create web pages that request that Tagmukay be used to display them. In the download package we provide a WOFF font. See Using SIL Fonts on Web Pages for instructions on using fonts on web pages.

Can I make changes to Tagmukay?

Yes! That is allowed as long as you abide by the conditions of the SIL Open Font License.