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Tagmukay 2.000 for All Platforms
ZIP | 706.8 KB | 21 Jul 2017

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Current Version

Tagmukay 2.000 ZIP | 706.8 KB | 21 Jul 2017
Mac OS, Linux, Windows

For developers, the latest source files are available in a Github project.

All packages contain Regular and Bold font weights.

Note: We may alter metrics for major releases. Different versions of the font may result in different lines, line spacing, or paragraph lengths. Do not expect that a document laid out in one version will always have the same page breaks, etc., in future fonts.


Tawallammat Tifinagh Keyboard 1.0 KMP | 6.7 KB | 1 May 2017
Tifinagh Keyman package

The Keyman package must be installed using the Keyman Desktop application. A free download is available at Follow the instructions provided with Keyman Desktop to install this keyboard package.

The Tawallammat Tifinagh Keyboard Layout PDF documents the keystroke layout for this Keyman keyboard.