Using the Internet to Collaborate on a Dictionary

WeSay is the best tool for collaborating with others on collecting and describing words, whether you are in the same village or across the world or both. Here’s a guide to setting up collaboration using the free Language Depot service. Read on to walk through the steps: 1. Set… Read More

Using Collaboration Notes

Collaboration is more than just sharing changes. It turns out that as soon as you start working with others using Send/Receive, you find you want to write notes to them. So we added the ability to attach questions to lexical entries, and to carry on conversations about the question. Future… Read More

Viewing the History of Changes

Like most things in WeSay, you, the Advisor, need to turn on the collaboration features which are appropriate for your project. There are two optional tasks you can enable if you want: These show up on the dashboard under the “review” section:… Read More

WeSay Dictionary Collaboration

Since we first introduced WeSay a couple years ago, we’ve heard one request over and over: “Make it so that multiple people can collaborate on the dictionary.” We’ve now delivered on that, and you can try it out by downloading the latest 0.7 Development Release. Read More

Merging LIFT Dictionary Files

If you aren’t yet using the new collaboration features of WeSay, you may have multiple versions of your dictionary out there. Here are a few notes on ways to get them together. The simplest case is where the users have been working on completely different sets of words, with no… Read More