Collecting Audio with WeSay

For a long time, I’ve had the crazy idea that audio should be just another kind of “writing system”. I’m happy to say that now, crazy or not, you can set up a project to like this: Notice the circles there? They’re trying… Read More

Against a Brick Wall

After two discouraging days of trying to get Mono to work on the OLPC image, I have finally figured out why I was up against such a brick wall. The first problem I had was that the Mono installer for linux only provides bindings… Read More

It’s Pretty Fast, Too

One of the things that’s been bugging us for the past couple weeks has been performance. Sure it’s fast on our machines but what about our target machine. There is quite a difference there. So I was finally able to get a Linux distribution (… Read More

WeSay: Words Prototype Results, Part I

These have been an exciting last few days, as our prototype has got to the place where we can start getting some questions answered. Happily, our quick tests (just looking at the Windows Task Manager), show that we can load the prototype with a 32k-word Thai glossary in just… Read More

Towards a Prototype

As we have written before, we are beginning our project by checking out the technical feasibility of running a graphical, mono based dictionary application on the most demanding of a target platforms, the OLPC. Now, we can’t actually get an actual production version of… Read More