2022-06-09 (WSTech team) Alkalami Version 2.000 (production release)

  • Removed Alkalami Light font.
  • Removed non Unicode compliant solutions

2022-04-27 (WSTech team) Alkalami Version 1.300 (production release)

  • Added characters to support other languages: U+0600, U+0657..U+0658, U+065D, U+067D, U+0684, U+06A5, U+06E5, U+0761, U+0870, U+0872, U+0874, U+08A2..U+08A3, U+08F4..U+08FD, U+FDFD, U+2212
  • Changed design of U+0643 (KAF) and U+06AD (NG)
  • Added ss09 to support “Wagaf small”
  • Added more contextual substitutions of swash tails for collision avoidance
  • Fixed bug in outline of U+0624 (Regular)
  • Added positional digit variants for Latin digits

2020-01-31 (Sharon Correll) Alkalami Version 1.200 (production release)

  • Added many characters required for codepage 1252 and macRoman
  • Deleted many Latin characters not required for codepage 1252 and macRoman
  • Added Arabic script characters: U+063F, U+0751, U+08C3 (pipelined for Unicode 13.0), U+08C4 (pipelined for Unicode 13.0)
  • Added UI name strings for OpenType features
  • Repositioned below attachment points on qaf-based isolate and final forms
  • Changed ss07 hah medial and final forms to match jeem medial and final forms (Light only)
  • Changed ss05 (Wagaf Hack) version of U+06A0 to include single large nukta (bug in previous version of the font)
  • Added mirrored versions of some glyphs such as radical and summation
  • Increased right side-bearing for Light version of U+0623

2018-07-11 (Becca Spalinger) Alkalami 1.100

  • Changed qaf-based characters: isolate now has tail; tail on final flattened to match isolate

2017-05-23 (Becca Spalinger) Alkalami 1.000

  • Fixed issues related to lam/alef/hamza shaping
  • Fixed issue with jeem/hah combinations not shaping properly
  • Added larger left sidebearing on U+0622 (isolate and final forms)
  • Repositioned below attachment points on isolate and final forms of noon, lam, seen, sad, qaf and yeh
  • Added Stylistic set (ss08) to make fatha, kasra and damma touch the isolate alef
  • Decomposed U+0623 and U+0625 in order to allow the hamza part of the character to be colored
  • Changed position of dagger alef when with fatha

2016-12-15 (Becca Spalinger) Alkalami 0.924

  • Repositioned below attachment points on reh and waw
  • Changed depth of swash on the sad/dad, seen/sheen, and lam isolate
  • Digits reduced in size
  • Width of U+0640 reduced by 50%
  • Left sidebearing on U+0621 reduced
  • Changed positioning of dagger alef above fatha and alef maksura

2016-10-06 (Becca Spalinger) Alkalami 0.919

  • Updated OpenType code to handle hah/jeem/khah/nyeh positioning

2016-04-04 (Becca Hirsbrunner Spalinger) Alkalami 0.910

  • Added anchor points to U+FDF2
  • Removed U+064A to ss05 and added U+06CC to ss05 with wagaf above

2016-02-04 (Becca Hirsbrunner Spalinger) Alkalami 0.909

  • Fixed medial alternate form of peh

2016-01-12 (Becca Hirsbrunner Spalinger) Alkalami 0.908

  • Fixed OpenType code for “Allah”

2015-12-11 (Becca Hirsbrunner Spalinger) Alkalami 0.906 Preliminary design and smart behaviours

  • Smart behaviours for wagaf and Warsh implemented in OpenType
  • TypeTuner code added to support features
  • Space character changed to be bigger for use Latin script and smaller for Arabic script

2015-11-05 (Becca Hirsbrunner Spalinger) Alkalami 0.1-alpha Preliminary design and smart behaviours

  • Preliminary design of isolate characters
  • Smart behaviours implemented in OpenType