ANAED is for manually editing ambiguities in an AMPLE analysis file.


  • Windows 3.1 or greater
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 800 X 600 video graphics
  • 2 MB free space on hard drive


Here is a sample screen shot:

Double click on the analysis you want and the ambiguity is resolved. You can see the context of the ambiguous word (up to two lines of the original text before and two lines of text after). You can also see the analysis of adjacent words.

  • Navigate either from ambiguity to ambiguity, or picking the word to edit from the list of all ambiguous words in the text.
  • Context shown can be either the surrounding words, or the analysis of the surrounding words, or both.
  • Edit only the ambiguities you wish, you may exit or save the file at any point.
  • ANAED displays chapter and verse reference of current word (if original text is Scripture).
  • Analysis failures can be corrected by typing in the correct analysis.
  • Select font to display data in.
  • Help system answers basic questions about ANAED.


For most Windows computers, all you need is (this even includes the help system). It does require VBRUN300.DLL to run, which is likely already on your computer. If not, you can copy it to your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder.

The sources are in