Manual Disambiguator is a program that allows you to select the contextually appropriate analysis from among several possibilities. It only supports selecting word level analyses.


  • Windows 95 or greater
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 800 X 600 video graphics
  • 20 MB free space on hard drive


Manual Disambiguator works internally on Ptext data. You may load either a Ptext file or an ANA style file. When you load an ANA file, Manual Disambiguator runs a converter program in the background which changes it into a Ptext data structure.

If you loaded an ANA file originally, Manual Disambiguator will save it both as a Ptext file, and as an ANA file. It will run the converter program again to switch it back to an ANA file. [NB: The re-converted file will have an extension of .ANX. This is hard-coded into Manual Disambiguator, and you cannot change it.]

Here is a sample screen shot:


Click here to download.