Many questions can be answered by consulting the following FAQ pages. Here are a few sample questions answered in each FAQ:

  • SIL fonts in general
    • How can I type…?
    • How can I use font features?
    • Will you add support for character…?
    • Will you add support for script…?
    • Will you help me…?
  • The SIL Open Font License (OFL-FAQ)
    • Can I use this font for…?
    • Can I modify the font and then include it in…
    • If I use the font on a web page do I have to include an acknowledgement?
    • The full OFL-FAQ.txt is also included in the font package.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions specifically regarding Kay Pho Du:

How is the font different from Karenni?

Kay Pho Du is a freshly-drawn, new design based on the overall design of Karenni. Although the design is meant to be very similar to Karenni it is not identical and does not include any of the original outlines. Because of that, many of the glyphs are slightly different and the metrics are not the same. Many glyphs have also been added.

What is the source of the Latin glyphs?

The Latin glyphs in Kay Pho Du are a new design specifically designed to work as a secondary script alongside the Kayah Li glyphs. They are not available as a standalone Latin design.