Source Code

Padauk is licensed according to the terms of the SIL Open Font License. The source code for the latest version is available in a Github project.

Developer notes

This project uses a UFO-based design and production workflow, with all sources in open formats and a completely open-source build toolkit. For more details see SIL Font Development Notes.

We welcome contributions to this font project, such as new glyphs, enhanced smart font code, or bug fixes. The best way to begin the process is to file an issue in the Github project or respond to an existing issue and express your interest. Then we can begin to correspond with you regarding what all might be required and discuss how to best submit your contributions.

To enable us to accept contributions in a way that honors your contribution and respects your copyright while preserving long-term flexibility for open source licensing, you would also need to agree to the SIL International Contributor License Agreement for Font Software (v1.0) prior to sending us your contribution. To read more about this requirement and find out how to submit the required form, please visit the CLA information page.


Padauk is a mature product with no major changes anticipated. We will be releasing maintenance updates to fix bugs.


If you would like to contact the development team, please use the Contact form or go to the Github project.