Release 5.000

We are pleased to announce the release of Padauk version 5.000. This release includes the following changes for this version: Added Thai Mon variant glyphs and language support Added Aiton and Phake variant glyphs and language support Added Sgaw Karen variant glyphs Added Character Variant features (cv01-07) for variant selection… Read More

Release 4.000

This version includes the following changes: Added glyphs to support minority languages Improved support for rendering minority languages, especially Khamti, Sgaw Karen, Tai Liang, and Asho Chin Added glyphs for typesetting support Modified OpenType code to reduce GPOS table size and speed up processing Added font packages Namkio (Khamti) and… Read More

Release 3.003

Padauk version 3.003 is a maintenance release. It was built using ttfautohint 1.6 which now has support for the Myanmar script. The previous version used an old ttfautohint version with a bug that caused it to fail with FreeType 2.7.1. Download the release package from the Download… Read More

Release 3.002

Version 3.002 has added optimization in the build process which reduces some of the table sizes (mainly GPOS and GSUB) which also reduces the file sizes. This is important for web servers since speed is a factor. File names (not internal font names) were also changed for this release. They… Read More

Release 3.001

Version 3.001 fixes a bug that changes lower ASCII characters from being marks to spacing characters. In many apps, this bug caused these characters to be stripped of their spacing and resulted in a jumble of letters. Although the intended use of this font is mainly for Myanmar script characters,… Read More

Release 3.0

This release has support for the complete Myanmar blocks of The Unicode Standard version 9.0. The following are the additions and changes: Add mym2 OpenType support Support minority languages in OpenType Support 4 faces, book and regular in bold and regular Download the release packages from the… Read More

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