If you would like to check the validity of your download, use the md5sum software on Windows or Linux. On Linux it comes installed. On Windows 10 you can use the Windows Terminal by changing the mode to Alpine Linux or you can use the Git for Windows which allows you to right click on any folder in the file explorer and launch git bash to give a command line where you can use md5sum. The basic process is after you have downloaded one of these files, use md5sum <filename> and see if the numbers and letters given in your terminal agree with the numbers and letters given for the file in the list below.

$ md5sum *.msi
e392357dc172bea63b2b46ecf0da1e8b *PathwayBTE-Setup-
eb956efa742d1e71952fc1a9af5fc8a1 *PathwayBTE-Setup-Beta-
7c60f10889c0507102fc2607d615e889 *PathwaySE-Setup-
862cf7b1576ab31369afae87603f4434 *PathwaySE-Setup-Beta-