What operating systems does PAWS run on?

Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems

Does it work with Non-Roman Scripts?

Yes and you can determine which font to use.

When answering the questions a page has in PAWS, what should I do if my language does not have the construction the page or section is talking about?

Skip the question and go on. PAWS is designed to cover many common constructions in all the world’s languages, but there will be some that any particular language does not have. Similarly a given language will have constructions PAWS does not deal with.

Some questions have radio buttons and some questions have check boxes.  What is the difference?

When there are radio buttons, choose only one answer.  When there are check boxes, you can choose one or more of the answers.

When a question has check boxes, sometimes the last one also has a text box that can be filled in.  If I check that last check box, what should I put in the text box?

Whatever you type in the text box will appear in the draft of the practical grammar output so put whatever is most appropriate for the question. Use the language the grammar is written in (e.g., English, French, or Spanish). You should only use this if what your language does is not completely covered by the other options.

What should  I do if my language has special circumstances or has constructions not asked about in PAWS?

Make a note of it and then manually add it when you edit the draft grammar produced by PAWS.

When I fill in an example sentence, clause, or phrase, should I also include the gloss of that syntactic unit?

You can certainly do that and it may well help you when editing the grammar output. Be sure to put the gloss on the same line as the example. You will need to edit the interlinear later.

I click on the Next button and nothing happens. What should I do?

Click on the Refresh toolbar button (or press the F5 key or use menu item View / Refresh).