Phonology Assistant


Phonology Assistant 4.0.2 release

Phonology Assistant 4.0.2 will work with Fieldworks 9.0.11 (the latest release) that is 64-bit. It interacts with the Fieldworks data using the Language and Cultural Model. In addition, this version fixes an annoying bug that complained that data from the options dialog couldn’t be saved… Read More

Release of Phonology Assistant 3.6.4

The 3.6.4 release of Phonology Assistant works with FieldWorks 8.3.x and 9.x 32-bit versions. It has also been updated to work with the Speech Analyzer 3.1 and the Speech Analyzer MSEA These additional issues were addressed: Audio PA-1191 Can’t play audio files from FieldWorks project that have diacritics in… Read More

Phonology Assistant on Linux with Wine

— Following a suggestion in an email on the FLEx discussion list from May 6, 2015, I got this to work by installing the most recent version of PA in a 32-bit wine prefix, as follows: Following instructions here (, I entered this from a terminal: > WINEARCH=win32… Read More

Updated Phonology Assistant web site

Check out the new Phonology assistant web site. This brings Phonology Assistant in line with the SIL Product sites and will promote easier installation and use. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Read More

Release of Phonology Assistant 3.6.2

3.6.2 updates the dependencies and installer so that it uses the latest version of .net, NuGet and the SIL Palaso library. As such, it doesn’t change program functionality. Here is a list of the changes: Installer graphics Remove PaToFdoBrowser Update to reflect Development instructions Update Update getDependencies until… Read More